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PBM - Plastic Building Materials Friday, November 21

PBM-DQS supply high quality Desiccant manufactured by UOP.

  • UOP are one of the largest molecular sieve manufacturer's in the world. Their Desiccant range is manufactured under the ISO 9002 quality system.

  • PBM-DQS supply Desiccant in a number of different package sizes, ranging from 25kg box's up to 560kg bulk bags. For package size details please view our product guide.

For more information on the use of Desiccants in Insulating Glass Units click here.

View the Desiccant section in our Product Guide, download it here.

Delta 'T' Test for Desiccant

PBM-DQS can supply its customers with a Desiccant test kit for testing UOP Desiccant. You can download a PDF document that explains how to perform the test here.

If you require further information on the testing of Desiccant please use the enquiries & comments form, or alternatively visit the Testing Equipment for IG unit Manufacture area of the site.